Unsere Flotte

BBC Amethyst
CONTAINERS 20 ' 40 '
Hold1 386 180+20 TEU
Hold3 601 270+30 TEU
Total 987 450+50 TEU
timber capacity:
timber in hold:
timber in deck:
timber total:
main engine:
MAN 6 S46 MC-C with 8.280 kW
Consumption: IFO at sea abt 37/38 mtons plus abt 2/3 mtons for auxiliaries when ventilation not working and no reefers connected
Tank capacities:
IFO abt 1.330 cbm
MGO abt 200 cbm
18,5 kn
aux. engines:
3 x 970 kW/440 V at 720 min. 1 Emergency of 330 kW/440 V at 1.800 min.
2 NMF cranes of 400 mtons swl each - located port side plus 1 NMF crane of 80 mtons swl - located starboard side. Heavylift cranes are combinable up to abt but max 800 mtons. For heavy lift operations the vessel will be equipped with a stabilizing Pontoon.
2 Searadars, Gyro compass, Voyage Data Recorder, Echo sounder, Navtex receiver (inmarsat C)